Anti-Money Laundering and Trade Finance: What You Should Know

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How Link Analysis Can Help In Anti-Money Laundering Investigations

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The Challenges of Currency Transaction Reports (CTRs)

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Consolidation of Multiple Sanction Screening Tools

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ACA Telavance provides a range of anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crime services that is unique among its peers. As part of ACA Compliance Group, we are positioned to provide extensive advisory and technology solutions to assist financial institutions in addressing their regulatory concerns. We work closely with Chief Risk and Compliance Officers to understand their unique challenges, propose innovative solutions, and implement recommendations and best practices.



Our team of professionals has over 20 years of experience developing and implementing AML solutions, including:


Risk and Compliance Advisory

  • AML compliance program reviews and assessments
  • AML risk assessments and mitigation
  • AML regulatory and audit remediation
  • New York DFS Part 504 readiness assessments and gap analysis
  • Internal audit and controls assessment


Model Risk Management

  • Model governance and management
  • Model risk management and validation
  • Model implementation
  • Model optimization


Compliance Technology

  • Advantage Product SuiteTM
  • Compliance analytics
  • AML and global sanctions technology implementation and optimization
  • Technology assessment and system selection
  • User acceptance testing

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