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Regulatory Reporting Software for Financial Services

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ACA Regulatory Reporting (“ACA RR”) is the industry-leading platform for aggregating, reviewing, and submitting regulatory filings including Form PF, Form 13F, AIFMD Annex IV, and CPO-PQR. Coupled with support from ACA’s experienced regulatory compliance team, ACA RR has been successfully used by firms of all sizes to more efficiently meet their regulatory reporting obligations while reducing risk and adhering to industry best practices.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces risk and increases operational efficiencies through automated, repeatable workflows
  • Supports multiple filings from a single platform
  • Integrates with multiple data sources
  • Validates data at multiple stages
  • Includes local vs. private cloud installation options
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface includes dynamic dashboards for monitoring the filing process
  • Guidance and support from ACA’s experienced regulatory compliance team
  • Proven solution used by a diverse range of firms



ACA RR dashboard

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

  • Dynamic dashboards for monitoring the filing process
  • Customizable review and approval workflows
  • Easy access to the source data used in filings
  • Documentation capabilities for review purposes and to speed up new hire onboarding

Automated, repeatable workflows

  • Can be reused every filing period
  • Enables you to spend more time reviewing and verifying filings rather than on manual data entry

Support for multiple filings

  • Form PF
  • Form 13F — individual or integrated with Form PF
  • AIFMD Annex IV — most EU jurisdictions

Integration with multiple data sources

  • Administrators
  • Accounting systems
  • Order and portfolio management systems
  • NorthPoint Platform

Reports and data analysis

  • “Filing-over-filing” reports help identify potential inconsistencies or questions
  • Side-by-side historical analysis
  • Full audit trail of activity

Data validation and security

  • Multi-stage data validation (pre-import, per-question, and pre-submission)
  • User-based permissions controls

Local vs. private cloud installation options

  • Install ACA RR on your network or on a private cloud network hosted by a third party
  • Deploy the module(s) that meet your business needs

Support from ACA's experienced team

  • Help navigating the requirements of each jurisdiction;
  • Guidance on best practices for managing the complexities of evolving regulatory reporting requirements;
  • Reasonableness reviews of your firm’s draft filings; and
  • System maintenance and updates to stay current with changing regulatory requirements.
ACA Regulatory Reporting features