The NorthPoint Investment Management System (NorthPoint IMS) is a single operating platform designed to optimize your business processes and meet your ever-evolving business needs. The platform contains flexible plug-and-play modules for order management, portfolio management, and trading compliance functionality. The IMS is fully integrated with NorthPoin Data Management and Governance products including the data warehouse, security master, and price master. ACA Technology also offers Regulatory Reporting (RR) that can be added to the NorthPoint IMS or can stand alone, depending on client needs.


NorthPoint Investment Management System IMS

Order Management System (OMS)

The NorthPoint Order Management System (NorthPoint OMS) module provides comprehensive order management functionality that supports all asset classes and multiple strategy funds.

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Portfolio Management

The NorthPoint Portfolio Management module consolidates information from multiple systems into a single portfolio management dashboard to give you real-time ticking views of positions, exposure, P&L, performance, risk, and other analytics.

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Trading Compliance

The NorthPoint Trading Compliance module offers an intuitive approach to defining investment guidelines and regulatory rules that apply to your firm. It offers a robust view into a broad range of trade compliance activity and runs compliance checks pre, intra, and post trade.

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The IMS reporting tool offers multiple ways to create, view, and export reports, including an interactive data visualization reporting tool and a library of standard reports. 

Third-Party Integration

Third-party integration is critical to your operations—your systems need to operate on the same, consistent data in order to provide accurate books and records and reports. Our IMS offers established data connections to third-party systems and in-house technology to integrate with your proprietary systems.

NorthPoint Data Management
Solutions Integration

The NorthPoint IMS integrates fully with NorthPoint Data Management Solutions, our real-time platform for managing and storing security, pricing, and trade data.

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Managed Services and Support

Tailored support for the NorthPoint IMS and NorthPoint Data Management Solutions

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NorthPoint Data Management Solutions consist of a real-time platform for managing and storing security, pricing, and trade data.


NorthPoint Data Management Solutions


Security Master

The NorthPoint Security Master is an easy to use, single point of control for managing securities terms and conditions, reference entities, and market data. It features a dynamic model that allows operations staff to define security and reference types and add attributes on-the-fly, without any additional programming. Automated workflows and derived attributes ensure data integrity and maintain mappings between systems.

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Price Master

The NorthPoint Price Master provides the NorthPoint IMS with a centralized pricing methodology that ensures pricing consistency to any module connected to the platform. Data adapters collect and persist marks from multiple pricing sources (e.g., data vendors, broker files, client data models, etc.). User-configurable dynamic workflows and formulas for calculating price enable clients to define firm-wide pricing rules and provide the ability to price to a model for “what if” analysis.

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Data Warehouse

The NorthPoint Data Warehouse is our central data repository that is optimized to store and manage the data that investment managers use to run their business. It consolidates and aggregates data from multiple systems and service providers into a single, easy to use source for investment professionals to conduct business analysis and produce mission-critical reports.

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ACA Regulatory Compliance Technology products offer compliance and operations personnel state-of-the-art technology for reporting, filing, tracking, and managing compliance activity. Our innovative products have been reviewed and tested by the experienced compliance and regulatory professionals on our ACA Regulatory Compliance team.




ComplianceAlpha is a centralized platform for managing your firm’s compliance program. It is a modular system that integrates risk assessment and regulatory requirements; compliance controls, policies, and procedures; compliance activity tracking and testing; and marketing and advertising reviews.

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ACA Regulatory Reporting

ACA Regulatory Reporting (ACA RR) is the industry-leading platform for aggregating, reviewing, and submitting regulatory filings. Coupled with support from ACA’s experienced regulatory compliance team, ACA RR has been successfully used by firms of all sizes to more efficiently meet their regulatory reporting obligations while reducing risk and adhering to industry best practices.

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ACA's Decryptex® provides in-depth trade surveillance to help identify items of interest and non-compliant trading and investment activity. The solution includes a case management tool that can track and store emails, reports, and research related to each investigation.


ACA Decryptex trade surveillance technology


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