Implementing the Updated PRI Framework

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The reporting window for UN Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI) signatories is currently open for the 2021 reporting season. Signatories reviewing the 2021 framework may quickly notice the increased breadth and depth of the scored questions compared to prior reporting periods. Many questions that were previously unscored and/or optional are now required and scored, leaving some signatories with misaligned program elements that may result in scores unlike what they may have achieved in the past.

While it is too late to mitigate most of the gaps for this reporting period, there are several initiatives that signatories can put in motion throughout the year to develop these elements in their ESG programs and thus maximize their scores next year.

Join ACA’s Dan Mistler, Partner, and Crista DesRochers, Partner, for a discussion on key PRI areas where signatories may have room to improve and ways to mitigate the program gaps going forward.

Discussion Topics

We'll identify essential ESG program elements, including:

  • Updated ESG policy components;
  • Effective stewardship and engagement practices;
  • Integrating carbon foot-printing and climate scenario analysis;
  • Setting sustainability outcomes targets and monitoring metrics; and
  • Building confidence through assurance.