Peer Analysis Infographic | MIFIR Transaction Reporting: Perception vs. Reality


Matt Chapman, Charlotte Longman

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When it comes to MiFIR Transaction reporting how confident are you?  Or more importantly, how confident should you be?

Over the last three years, we’ve conducted a series of industry polls to better understand industry confidence in MiFIR reporting quality as well as existing and emerging consensus on approaches and key challenges.

While the results indicate widespread confidence in the quality of reporting, our own analysis of firms’ data quality, supported by information obtained from the FCA under Freedom of Information requests, suggest that most firms still have a long way to go.

Download our latest peer analysis infographic, which outlines:

  • Confidence in Quality 
    • completeness, timeliness and accuracy
    • frequency of market data processor (MDP) downloads
    • implications of errors and poor-quality data
  • Key Challenges
    • greatest reporting challenges
    • who has the overall responsibility for daily exception management?
  • Recommendations and Next steps

Download Infographic 

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