Introducing ACA Passport

October 6, 2015

Many U.S. compliance professionals will be familiar with the uncertainty and confusion the AIFMD1 brought for firms in America and across the globe. Others have wrestled with the impact of EMIR2 for their U.S. business, the risk-management or eligible investment requirements of a UCITS3 fund or maybe the relevance (or otherwise) of the forthcoming MiFID II and MiFIR legislative changes in Europe.
Equally challenging can be the myriad of Short-Selling rules across the European Union (‘EU’) under SSR6, the differing marketing and fund distribution requirements in the EU, or the requisite conditions when considering expansion into the UK.

Additional EU legislative or regulatory changes likely to impact firms outside of Europe are coming down the line and in this environment, simply understanding what is and what is not relevant to your firm is a challenge for any U.S. compliance officer.

As a response to the issues described above, ACA is pleased to announce the launch of our new subscription-based service, ACA Passport – designed specifically for our non-European based clients.

Your subscription to ACA Passport will retain the services of ACA’s London-based team of former UK regulators and experienced compliance practitioners, providing a go-to solution for your European regulatory work and queries, whilst keeping you abreast of developments in Europe that may impact your current business or future plans.

Fully included in your Subscription to ACA Passport are the following benefits:

  • Assistance with many EU requirements relevant to U.S. based firms;
  • Unlimited telephone support on EU regulatory matters;
  • Annual review of European-driven policies and procedures;
  • Private website focused on EU regulatory issues; and
  • EU regulatory newsletters, alerts, events and webcasts.

ACA Passport is the ideal solution for non-EU firms:

  • Marketing (or planning to market) in Europe;
  • Taking in investors or clients from Europe;
  • Trading European-listed securities, exchange/OTC derivatives or sovereign debt;
  • Trading on European exchanges;
  • Managing an AIF or UCITS fund;
  • Taking EU short positions; or
  • With a UK-based business activity in their group.

Annual subscriptions to ACA Passport are $15,000 (USD) a year.

For more details or to subscribe to ACA Passport, visit, contact your ACA contact or:

Andrew Welch in London 
+44 (0) 20 7042 0500

Kristina Kneip Staples in New York
+1 (202) 8159924

1The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (2011/61/EU).
2The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (2012/648/EC).
3 The Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities Directive (85/611/EC) and subsequent Directives.
4The Second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (2014/65/EU).
5The Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (2014/600/EU).
6 The European Short Selling Regulation (2012/236/EU).