2015 Investment Management Compliance Testing Survey

April 28, 2015

ACA Compliance Group, the Investment Adviser Association (IAA), and OMAM invite you to participate in the 2015 Investment Management Compliance Testing Survey.

By participating in this year's survey, you will gain access to a variety of testing strategies that you can put to practical use at your own firm, as well as assist the industry in identifying compliance trends. Last year's survey was overwhelmingly successful, with responses from over 360 compliance professionals.

The survey is designed to accomplish several goals:

  • Allow firms to benchmark their compliance testing practices against those of other firms;
  • Collect ideas for new testing techniques that can be used by firms in future testing efforts;
  • Assess compliance testing trends over time within a variety of specific areas;
  • Identify practices that appear to have become (or may become) prevalent industry practices; and
  • Assess the impact of current and potential regulatory requirements and market developments on advisers’ businesses.

This year's survey addresses compliance testing in the context of business continuity planning, alternative investments, oversight of third parties, emails, trading errors, code of ethics, and enterprise risk management. The survey also containstrend update questions about cybersecurity, social media, and compliance hot topics.

Survey organizers are sponsoring a webinar, during which Lynne Carreiro of ACA Compliance Group and Sanjay Lamba of the IAA will discuss the results of the survey and provide best practice tips. The webinar will take place on Tuesday, June 9, 2015. Upon completing the survey, participants will receive a complimentary webinar registration code, and can register immediately for the webinar. Please make a note of the code, as you will need to enter it for complimentary webinar registration.

The survey is open to compliance professionals at SEC-registered investment advisers. Individual responses to the survey will be held strictly confidential. To encourage candid answers, the survey is conducted on a “blind” basis; you will not be required to enter your identity, nor the identity of your firm.

IMPORTANT: The survey will CLOSE at 11:59 p.m. EDT on Friday, May 22. All responses must be completed by this date to qualify for the complimentary webinar. You will not be able to save partially-completed responses, so please plan to complete the entire survey at one sitting. The survey should take approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. We ask that only one person per firm complete the survey. If you are not your firm’s CCO, please check with your CCO before completing the survey to avoid duplicative responses.

For questions please contact:

Lynne M. Carreiro, Managing Director, ACA Compliance Group
lcarreiro@acacompliancegroup.com, +44 (0)20 7042 0500

Sanjay Lamba , Associate General Counsel, Investment Adviser Association
sanjay.lamba@investmentadviser.org, (202) 293-4222

Amy Yuter, Vice President and Senior Compliance Manager, OMAM
ayuter@omam.com, (610) 578-1387

Thank you in advance for your participation!