Less than 100 days until MiFID II – Are you ready?

October 2, 2017

The MiFID II deadline is fast approaching and many firms are in the midst of implementing the proper operational and regulatory changes necessary to comply with the new European directive. How do you know your implementation is in-line with your peers and you have the balance right between commercial expectations and compliance with the directive? Have you independently tested what you’ve done to ensure you’ve covered every last detail?

How ACA Can Help 

ACA has spent more than two years preparing our clients for MiFID II. Our MiFID II Readiness Review is designed to review and benchmark your MiFID II preparation. ACA can assist you by reviewing and testing your preparation and identifying gaps prior to January 2018, helping you to sign-off on your implementation. ACA can look at your preparation against what is expected of firms of your size, nature, and complexity and issue recommendations and an Executive Summary for senior management, evidencing your readiness for this significant regulatory change.

ACA MiFID II Resources

Over the last two years, ACA has issued several papers and conducted webcasts to prepare our clients for MiFID II. Below are available resources you can read or listen to for additional information or guidance.
Papers & Alerts:

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Webcast Replays:

For More Information

For further details please contact Alastair Hoban or your regular ACA consultant to discuss timing for our independent review of your MiFID II preparation.