SEC Issues Risk Alert Summarizing Results of Municipal Advisor Examination Initiative

November 8, 2017

On November 7, the SEC’s National Examination Program issued a Risk Alert providing the SEC staff’s observations after conducting over 110 examinations of municipal advisors during the Municipal Advisor Examination Initiative. Some of the key observations highlighted by the Risk Alert include:

  • Registration Deficiencies:  The SEC staff frequently observed failures to (i) register with the SEC or the MSRB prior to engaging in municipal advisory activities; (ii) file annual updates and/or amendments to Form MA, Form MA-I, and MSRB Form A-12 when required; and (iii) complete Form MA with accurate and complete information, particularly with respect to compensation arrangements and outside business activities. The SEC staff also observed instances of municipal advisors failing to pay MSRB registration fees and late fees and file a Form MA-W and withdraw MSRB Form A-12 when withdrawing from registration.
  • Books and Records Deficiencies: The SEC staff frequently observed failures to (i) maintain copies of written and electronic communications sent or received by the firm related to municipal advisory activities; (ii) make and keep documents material to a recommendation made to a client; and (iii) prepare and maintain accurate, required financial records, including general ledgers and records of cash receipts and disbursements.
  • Supervisory Deficiencies: The SEC staff frequently observed failures to (i) have a system to supervise the municipal advisory activities of employees that was reasonably designed to achieve compliance with all applicable rules, such as monitoring gifts, travel, and entertainment expenses (including the maintenance of accurate records of travel and entertainment expenses) and overseeing the firm’s responses to requests for proposals; (ii) have WSPs reasonably designed to ensure compliance with applicable rules, tailored to the firm’s business activities and conflicts of interest; and (iii) designate one or more principals to be responsible for supervisory activities.

How ACA Can Help

ACA Compliance Group works with municipal fund advisors to review compliance policies and procedures, address noted deficiencies, and assist with registration. For more information, please contact Dan CampbellLuis Garcia, or your regular ACA consultant.