ACA Compliance Group’s Clients Leverage New Capabilities for AIFMD Annex IV Filings in 2015

March 2, 2015

ACA Compliance Group, a global leader in providing compliance, cybersecurity, risk, performance, and technology solutions to financial services firms, is pleased to announce that its clients have successfully leveraged ACA’s new Regulatory Reporting Solution to complete their first AIFMD Annex IV Report filings for 2015.

ACA’s Regulatory Reporting Solution combines ACA NorthPoint’s proven Regulatory and Investor Reporting (RIR) software platform with ACA’s regulatory advisory services, a unique offering.

The Regulatory Reporting Solution is the first enhanced product to be introduced as a result of ACA’s acquisition of NorthPoint Financial in November 2014. The solution enables clients to contract with a single vendor to assist with AIFMD Annex IV Report filings, the European transparency report that forms part of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive. The solution also can be used to complete other forms, such as Form PF in the United States.

“Our unique ability to offer proven regulatory advisory services coupled with a comprehensive regulatory reporting platform from a single vendor has been well received by our clients,” said Robert L. Stype, Managing Partner, ACA Compliance Group. “ACA’s Regulatory Reporting Solution provides a cost-effective way for clients to control their own data, institutionalize their regulatory reporting processes, and benefit from comprehensive guidance on reporting regulations in different jurisdictions.”

ACA’s Regulatory Reporting Solution allows firms to seek the comprehensive support they need from one vendor, enabling them to better navigate the complexities of today’s requirements for regulatory reporting while balancing the growing demands for transparency by regulators and investors.

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