ACA Compliance Group Acquires Aponix Financial Technologists to Offer Cybersecurity and Risk Solutions for Financial Services Firms

February 18, 2015

(NEW YORK, NY) February 18, 2015 - ACA Compliance Group ("ACA"), a leading provider of regulatory compliance products, performance services, and technology solutions to the financial services industry, announced today that it has acquired Aponix Financial Technologists.

Founded in 2014 by former technology executives of large investment management and hedge fund firms, New York-based Aponix offers a holistic and independent approach to technology risk and governance at financial services firms. Aponix provides cybersecurity and technology risk assessments, vendor due diligence, network testing, security training, policy documentation, and advisory services for tactical and strategic technology initiatives.

As a result of the transaction, Aponix will become ACA Aponix and serve as the core cybersecurity and risk offering provided by ACA Compliance Group. The ACA Aponix cybersecurity and risk offering will represent ACA's fourth core offering, which also includes global regulatory compliance products and solutions, GIPS® verifications and performance reviews, and investment management technology solutions through its November 2014 acquisition of NorthPoint Financial.

Aponix CEO Raj Bakhru and COO Marc Lotti will join ACA as partners in the firm.

"Our team of financial technologists deeply understands the operations of financial firms, allowing us to provide unparalleled breadth in our cybersecurity and technology risk assessments, and valuable business knowledge in our strategic advisory services. We look forward to working with both compliance officers and technology leaders to assist ACA's clients around the globe in meeting regulatory and investor expectations," said Raj Bakhru, Partner of ACA Aponix.

"Regulators continue to focus on the protection of data and the robustness of technology infrastructure at financial services firms," said Robert L. Stype, Managing Partner of ACA Compliance Group. "Adding Aponix to the ACA family allows us to assist our clients in taking sound measures to protect their investments, data, and their own client relationships."

About ACA Compliance Group

ACA Compliance Group ("ACA") is a leading global provider of regulatory compliance products and solutions, cybersecurity and risk assessments, performance services, and technology solutions to the financial services industry. Founded in 2002 by former SEC examiners and state regulators, ACA develops and provides its products through a world-wide team of former SEC, FINRA, FSA, NYSE, CFTC, NFA, state regulators, as well as former senior in-house compliance professionals and technologists from prominent financial institutions. ACA serves a diversified base of leading investment advisers, private fund managers, commodity trading advisors, investment companies, and broker-dealers. ACA’s products include standard and customized compliance packages, cybersecurity and risk assessments, GIPS® verifications and other performance services, and a wide variety of technology solutions to financial services firms.

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