Performance Engine

ACA Technology’s NorthPoint Performance Engine calculates performance across multiple time periods, calculation methodologies, and multi-level aggregations, allowing for the seamless calculation, presentation, and analysis of performance data from ACA’s NorthPoint Data Warehouse.



NorthPoint Data Warehouse

  • Calculates performance on demand or through batch processing, allowing for ad hoc or scheduled performance metrics
  • Supports all standard performance calculation methodologies for fund returns, benchmarks, and composites, including daily time-weighted returns, Modified Dietz, dollar-weighted returns, and IRR
  • Handles different cash flow recognition options, calculates returns gross and net of fees, and can produce any combination of multi-period returns
  • Generates performance analytics, including the Sharpe, Sortino, and information ratios as well as beta, volatility, etc.
  • Access your data from multiple platforms, including mobile devices
  • Persists performance calculations to the NorthPoint Data Warehouse for full Knowledge Date support
  • Supports a plug-and-play injection model to incorporate firm-specific calculations, without any changes to the underlying platform
  • Calculates multi-tier attribution across any benchmark model for a variety of markets, including long equity, long/short equity, fixed income, allocators/OCIOs, and private equity
  • Includes robust reporting and data analysis capabilities via ad hoc and scheduled reports, Microsoft® Excel®-like data browsers, data visualization reports, and PDF-optimized formatted reports

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