5 Cybersecurity Considerations for Investment Companies

ACA’s Askari Foy and Thomas Riley recently hosted a live webcast discussing cybersecurity best practices and trends for fund boards, sub-advisers, and investment company service providers with cybersecurity oversight. This post provides key takeaways from the webcast that investment companies can implement to help mitigate cybersecurity risk and protect the fund's assets and reputation. 

GDPR Implications for Investment Managers

In May 2018 the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force, bringing significant implications for all organisations that process data belonging to EU residents. Investment managers that employ EU residents or have investors that are EU residents will have to comply with the new legislation regardless of whether the firm is based within the EU or not.

GDPR introduces a number of requirements relating to how personal data is collected, stored and processed as well as the threat of fines of up to 4% of a firm’s global turnover.

GDPR - A Practical and Proportionate Approach for Investment Managers

Do you know what you should be doing now to prepare for the new General Data Protection Regulations ("GDPR") coming into force on 25th May 2018? Within an environment that is already highly regulated, what more must investment managers do to meet the new standards? Now is the time to take action to ensure that you are prepared for next year and  to avoid the scrutiny of the regulator.

ACA Compliance Group and Stroz Friedberg to Provide Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services Tailored for Financial Services Firms

Dear Clients and Friends,

ACA Compliance Group recently released a compliance alert summarising the issues and concerns raised during the SEC’s March 2014 Cybersecurity Roundtable. The alert emphasised that cybersecurity is an overall concern for the financial industry, and encouraged firms to take a 24/7 approach to cybersecurity.

ACA Compliance Group Acquires Aponix Financial Technologists to Offer Cybersecurity and Risk Solutions for Financial Services Firms

(NEW YORK, NY) February 18, 2015 - ACA Compliance Group ("ACA"), a leading provider of regulatory compliance products, performance services, and technology solutions to the financial services industry, announced today that it has acquired Aponix Financial Technologists.

ACA Aponix Launches Cybersecurity and Risk Offering in the UK

(NEW YORK, NY and LONDON, UK) June 11, 2015:  ACA Aponix is pleased to announce the expansion of its cybersecurity and risk offering in the United Kingdom with the appointment of James Tedman as Managing Director of ACA Aponix (Europe), a division of ACA Compliance (Europe) Limited.